Heating Technology

Nimra's heater has vast range of application in domestic, personal, industrial, aviation, automobile exhaust gas purification and for heating suction air of internal combustion engines and also as a pre-heater for increased efficiency of a catalytic converter, when used in combination with a catalytic converter it results in minimum cold start emission and also higher efficiency of catalytic converter performance.

  • Room Heaters / Space Heaters / Cabin Heaters

  • Hair Drier

  • Hand Drier (in conventional drier it takes 45 
    seconds and with Nimra's technology
    the time can be reduced to 10 - 15 seconds)

  • Clothes Drier

  • Industrial Heating

  • Driers / Ovens

  • Furnaces

  • Spot Heating

  • Knife Heating

  • Particulates and Volatile Organic 
    Hydrocarbon's Incinerator

  • Air / Gas Heater

  • Container Heating

  • Portable Heating

  • Heating of Cabin

  • Heating inlet air to form better combustible air / fuel mixture for 
    internal combustion engines resulting in low pollution and also 
    minimum cold start emission

  • Efficient particulate and volatile organic hydrocarbon incinerator in 
    the internal combustion engine line thereby controlling pollution.

  • Efficient exhaust gas pre heater for heating exhaust gases and hence catalyst bed for increasing the efficiency of catalytic converter by  achieving faster light off temperature when used in combination with  catalytic converter.

  • Efficient heating of secondary air for catalytic converter for faster 
    light off and higher efficiency, high working temperature & low thermal expansion makes it an ideal candidate for wide range of thermal applications.

Suitable for heating Air / Gas upto 800 C for the following applications
  • Die Heating

  • Aluminium Brazing

  • Binder Burn off

  • Packing

  • Sealing

  • Ceramic Drying

  • Large Die heating

  • Melting
  • enting
  • eating for tensile testing
  • Burn off and curing
  • eating air, nitrogen, argon, helium etc

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