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A Major break Through in kiln FurnitureTechnology

Honeycomb Kiln Furniture
HEARTH PLATES & POSTS for use upto 1800 °C / 3272 °F.

Honeycomb Kiln Furniture

Due to honeycomb structure at the bottom, the plates and posts are low mass yet very strong,

Honeycombs based toughened high purity Alumina Hearth Plates and Posts are fully sintered and suitable for use in even hearth of low mass fiber insulated furnaces. During usage they provide a steady support in rapid cycle furnaces operating upto 1800 °C in air atmosphere and upto 1700 °C in hydrogen atmosphere.

These honeycomb plates and posts have light weight and hence low thermal inertia & high temperature load bearing capabilities with high refactoriness resulting in reduced energy consumption during operation(usage), enhanced life of the kiln or furnace in combination with height productivity that can be achieved due to relatively higher charging of kiln or furnace due to less weight of kiln furniture. 

This information is intended to illustrate typical properties of advanced ceramics materials available
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