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1.Saves over 50% Electrical Energy 2. Low manufacturing cost
Heat Rings

Nimra heat ring is a ceramic device that registers the total amount of heat absorbed by it. It gives a fair representation of the real heating process taking place in a kiln at the location of the ring; thereby enabling the process operators optimize their furnace operations. A number of these rings if placed at different location within a kiln would account of both radiated and absorbed heat, as well as the effects of temperature over time. This is essential to optimize productivity and maintain process consistency.

Nimra Heat Rings can be used in both batch and continuous kilns & furnaces with a range of atmospheres including oxygen, nitrogen, air and vacuum covering a wide temperature range from 960°C to 1450°

Heat Rings

Reliability ( Range 960°C to 1450°C )

Over Thermocouples

Since Nimra Heat rings measures the total heat transferred to the ring, by means of conduction, convection and radiation, it takes into account different firing conditions that may occur in a kiln such as temperature gradients, time, kiln setting, etc. This assures the repeatability of the process and the quality of the product.

Thermocouples on the other hand provide specific spot temperatures, which is not uniform throughout the kiln. The ultimate temperature of the fired product is determined by the total transferred heat, not measured by the thermocouple.

Over Electronic Controllers

Even with the advent of electronic controllers, Nimra heat rings are one of the most convenient and economical ways to measure temperature within the kiln as the product is being fired.

Useful Features :

Since Nimra heat rings are developed to give a better representation of the effective temperatures they are also used to calibrate erroneous electronic controllers

Testing & Standardization :

All quality control operations are effectively performed to minimize defects in production.

We assure consistant quality from batch as the raw materails are specailly manufactured at our facility. Moreover each batch of raw materail is made to pass through specialised quality control procedure based on wet chemical and spectroscopic techniques for major as well as trace elements. Further more rings from each and every batch are tested at differnet temperatures to ensure bending at specified temperature.

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