Honeycomb Materials:

Alumina due to its inherent wear resistant properties is widely used for erosion and abrasive wear resistant application. This along with its high temperature capabilities and chemical inertness can be exploited for various applications.

Typical Properties of alumina honeycombs are 
Alumina 96 - 99%        Units
Colour Off white      
Density  > 3.6 g/cc
Porosity   As per customers specifications     
Thermal conductivity  20 - 28  W/mk
Co. eff. of thermal Expansion(25 C - 1000 C) 8-9x10-6 /C
Dielectric constant 9-10  KHZ
Dielectric loss tan 0.0012     KHZ    
Flexural Strength 360  Mpa
Hardness  >1200  Vickers
Volume Resistivity
25 C
500 C
Max usage temp >1650  C
Specific heat 880  J/KgK
Compressive strength > 2000  Mpa
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