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Exhaust Gas Purifier for Kilns / Furnaces (Patent Filed)

Eliminates pollutants and odor from exhaust / Flue gases

World wide in many countries strict regulations have been made mandatory for air purity at work places.

The exhaust gases from the furnaces and kilns contains harmful pollutants and odors generated during the thermal disintegration of the solvents and binders, to eliminate this problem NIMRA CERGLASS with its rich experience of over a decade in Catalyst has developed a ready to fit electrically heated catalytic converter system to suit different size and type of furnaces and kilns.

Electrically Heated Catalytic Converter converts harmful pollution like carbon monoxide and Hydrocarbon to harmless substances like carbon dioxide and water vapor and also eliminates odor, the automobile catalytic converter is not suitable for this application as the catalyst has to be specifically formulated to take care of high percentage of Hydrocarbons present in Flue / Exhaust gases of Furnace and Kilns.                                   

Exhaust Gas Purifier
Electrically Heated Exhaust Gas Purifier for Kilns / Furnaces

The problem of pollution starts in the initial stage when the temperature in Kiln / Furnace is below 150 °C and only the catalyst will not solve the problem at it needs to reach optimal operating temperature, to overcome this problem NIMRA CERGLASS has designed a system which incorporates a patented preheater which heats the exhaust gases to the required temperature before it is made to pass through the catalyst coated substrate resulting in very high conversion efficiency.

The ready to use catalyst system can be easily installed over the furnace without carrying out any modifications. You just have to place the system over the furnace and connect the electrical inputs, either the system can be connected independently or through the existing temperature controller of the furnace for automatic operations.

The system consists of a stainless steel casing having an suction fan which sucks the harmful gases from the furnace exhaust and also fresh air which is necessary for conversion of CO and HC, the harmful gases along will air are made too pass through a catalyst coated preheater which heat the gases to the required temperature and initiates the catalytic processes, the heated gases flow through the 400 channel per square inch ceramic substrate coated with specially formulated catalyst, this nobel metal formulations effect the conversions of pollutants.

NIMRA CERGLASS manufactures exhaust Gas Purification System in many sizes to suit specific applications, for more information and quote please click here.

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