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Nimra Cerglass Technics (P) Ltd., was founded in 1986 by Late Dr. M.A. Wahab. Ceramics has been the core business and through the combination of aggregate experience and the usage of suitable innovative technologies the organization has strived to offer new values to the products for wider applications in a variety of fields. Nimra has developed and manufactured many advanced ceramic components in its advanced ceramic manufacturing facility.

Nimra Cerglass’s commitment to its customers is to offer innovative, superior and high technology products at very competitive prices due to high volume production and low labour cost.

Major Technologies:

1. HEARTH PLATES & POSTS for use upto 1800 °C / 3272 °F. ( Patented )
Due to honeycomb structure at the bottom, the plates and posts are low mass yet very strong,

Honeycombs based toughened high purity Alumina Hearth Plates and Posts are fully sintered and suitable for use in even hearth of low mass fiber insulated furnaces. During usage they provide a steady support in rapid cycle furnaces operating upto 1800 °C in air atmosphere and upto 1700 °C in hydrogen atmosphere.

These honeycomb plates and posts have light weight and hence low thermal inertia & high temperature load bearing capabilities with high refractoriness resulting in reduced energy consumption during operation (usage), enhanced life of the kiln or furnace in combination with height productivity that can be achieved due to relatively higher charging of kiln or furnace due to less weight of kiln furniture.

2. Exhaust Gas Purifier for Kilns / Furnaces ( Patented )
Eliminates pollutants and odor from exhaust / Flue gases
The exhaust gases from the furnaces and kilns contains harmful pollutants and odors generated during the thermal disintegration of the solvents and binders, to eliminate this problem NIMRA CERGLASS with its rich experience of over a decade in Catalyst has developed a ready to fit electrically heated catalytic converter system to suit different size and type of furnaces and kilns.

Electrically Heated Catalytic Converter converts harmful pollution like carbon monoxide and Hydrocarbon to harmless substances like carbon dioxide and water vapor and also eliminates odor, the automobile catalytic converter is not suitable for this application as the catalyst has to be specifically formulated to take care of high percentage of Hydrocarbons present in Flue / Exhaust gases of Furnace and Kilns.

3. New Generation Electrically Heated Catalytic Converter ( Patented )
Nimra Cerglass New Generation highly efficient electrically heated Catalytic Converter consumes a small amount of electrical energy to heat the exhaust to the required temperature to make the catalyst perform at a very high efficiency without effecting the engine performance and efficiency.

The Electrically heated catalytic converter shortens the transient period during cold start and hence drastically reduces pollution emission, which easily beats ULEV (Ultra Low Emission Vehicle Standards).

4. Cordierite Powder
Nimra offers raw mix for cordierite ceramics with and without binders, you can directly start manufacturing cordierite honeycomb of thin wall thickness or any other product having excellent properties such as low coefficient of thermal expansion, high temperature capabilities and high thermal shock resistance.

5. Energy efficient Air/ Gas Heater: ( Patented )
Nimra Has made a breakthrough in heating technology by developing a simple, economical and efficient Air/Gas Heater which can save more than 50% of electrical energy depending upon applications. When compared to conventional heaters, the heating technology provides instant heating for 100% of Air or Gas passing through it. Hence having a vast application in almost every heating application. In addition to this the technology also has the following advantages:

1. Low manufacturing cost 2. Compact size 3. Highly durable
4. Safe to operate 5. Economical

6. Glass to Metal Seals
NIMRA has developed glass ceramic seals for high performance application that are beyond the capabilities of traditional glass to metal seals. This glass partially crystallizes during the sealing process to form a reinforced glass / ceramic, which can withstand temperatures up to 900 °C.

7. Catalytic Converters:
Nimra has developed complete range of catalytic converters for petrol, Diesel, CNG and Kerosene engines (2 Stroke & 4 Stroke) in technical collaboration with International Advanced Research Centre (ARCI).

Nimra manufactures complete catalytic converters which includes ceramic Honeycomb, high purity Aluminia washcoat, catalyst coating and canning at it's catalytic converter manufacturing facility at Technology Park, Ballapur village, R.R. Dist, Hyderabad.


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