Ceramic Components - Material Properties (Toughened Alumina)

NIMRA has a combination of high strength (from zirconia) and high hardness (from alumina phase). It is an aluminum oxide strengthened with a content of 15% (Y2O3 - stabilized) zirconium oxide. Together aluminum oxide and zirconium oxide form an oxide phase. The larger zirconium atoms reinforce the lattice structure and create greater compression strength than standard alumina. The zirconium reinforces the aluminum oxide web and keeps the cracks from expanding. This gives NIMRA'S TOUGHENED ALUMINA increased tensile strength and impact strength. It has excellent wear resistance, both in sliding and abrasive conditions. More abrasive resistant than typical tungsten carbide, NIMRA'S TOUGHENED ALUMINA provides a cost effective material solution to the most demanding applications which require wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature stability and superior mechanical strength. 

NIMRA components can be manufactured to precision tolerances and finishes in a wide range of shapes and sizes with properties such as:

Fine grain, non-porous 

High strength 

  • Resistant to metal pickup 
  • Extreme corrosion resistance
  • Low friction coefficients 
  • Long life, easy upkeep 
  • Reduced loads on equipment Chemically inert.
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