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1. Saves over 50% Electrical Energy        2. Low manufacturing cost

Nimra Air/Gas Heaters

NIMRA with its rich technical expertise, research and development backing has made a break through in developing an innovative and power saving heating technology for use in almost all air / gas heating applications utilizing specialized engineered ceramics configuration making the heater more efficient by increasing the thermal efficiency of the system by channalising the flow of air / gas leading to high heat transfer resulting in low operational cost and hence energy saving over 50% depending upon application. This will also lower the product cost in addition to the power saving.

Nimra has the expertise to provide the complete technology package and also has complete manufacturing facility to manufacture prototype and sample units as per customer requirement for testing and evaluation.

As the technology is tested and proven for a wide range of applications Nimra is looking for partners in different countries to license the worldwide patented heating technology for various heating application.

The heating technology has very high potential since the energy saving is more than 50% along with other advantages such as instant heating of 100% air or gas passing through it, low cost of manufacturing, compact size, high durability, economical and safe to operate.

Electricity is the leading source of energy for industrial, residential and commercial heating around the world. Energy saving products is one of the most important accomplishment of modern technology since it saves money, energy and protects the environment. Many countries offer incentives for energy saving products.If interested in licensing the heating technology please click here.

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